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Draftmanship, or drawing, is the key to the kingdom of masterpieces. When understood to its true depth it blossoms as a profound, complex, and powerful visual language upon which all artistic disciples are built, from painting to sculpture, architecture to cinimetography.  


The yardstick of competance is:

Power- The creative intention of the artist is both powerfully communicated and convincing

Freedom - The ability to express via unlimitted modes of expression

Efficient - The artist can execute his idea quickly, whether from nature, imagination, or both

Historically this discipline was not called "drawing" as this too severely simplies the field.  It was called "disegno", which summarized BOTH the artists technical ability to create the drawing (or painting) as well as the faculty of inventing the design itself.  To quote my master: "true drawing is cosmos".  To quote michelangelo:

The science of disegno, or of line-drawing, if you like to use this term, is the source and very essence of painting, sculpture, architecture... Sometimes... it seems to me that... all the works of the human brain and hand are either design itself or a branch of that art.

Due to a number of historical and cultural factors this tradition has been all but lost in the Americas and Europe.  At best it is taught as waterned-down techniques for teaching students to reduce what they see in nature according to photographic principles of representation. The faculty of making something look realistic has been confused with the faculty of disegno.


Let whoever may have attained to so much as to have the power of drawing know that he holds a great treasure.


Historicaly this A complex and powerful language when practiced too its full capacity, it is the foundation of All of the greatest artists of the past understood a common visual language, that of Disegno, what we too casually today   "drawing".  Sadly, this deep and complex tradition has been all but lost in Europe and the Americas.  At best it is taught as waterned-down techniques for teaching students to reduce what they see according to photographic principles of representation.  The deep and complex language of Disegno, or "drawing", a word that we sadly use will a level of cassual I've been fortunate enough to study under some of the worlds best art masters and am even more fortunate to have been taught in the direct lineage of Iliay Repin himself.  The foundational principles I have been taught are aligned with Today, the western world, and western atelier system has all but lost the foundational 

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