Los Angeles Outdoor Painting Workshop

September 15 - 16, 2018

Join Italian-trained artist, Alex Paul for a two-day intensive course on “plein air” outdoor painting and discover timeless techniques used by greatest artists of the 19th century

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

  • Composition/Ideation

  • Proportion/Movement

  • Tonal / Color Relationships 

  • Painting Distance

  • Creating NOT Copying

  • The laws of form and light

Outdoor painting is by no means an easy task.  It requires equipment logistics, accommodation for weather, and most importantly an effective approach for producing a convincing beautiful painting.  This class will focus on techniques not covered by most western artists and art institutions:  how to combine the artist's visual impression with his/her knowledge of light and form.  Further, this course will emphasize the importance of following a process that encourages creativity over copying, design over photography... let us paint as artists not as cameras!  So join me for this unique learning experience.  NOTE:  Weather can be an issue therefore if I determine weather will inhibit our ability to achieve our learning goals the course will be cancelled or postponed with full refunds. 

Day-1, 4 hours: Short lecture covering basics of composition/design, tone, color, unity, edges, distance and more!  ...then we paint!

Day-2, 3 hours:  More painting with a special focus on painting in the shadows

Equipment:  If you have any questions regarding equipment please feel free to contact me via email at info@alexpaul.co.  Equipment is very important and depends on the specific needs of each artist.  Contacting me early is recommended!

Refunds:  Full refunds will be provided for cancellations submitted to info@alexpaul.co up to 24 hours prior to course initiation.